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Meet Our Providers

Jennifer Taylor, MBA, MHA

Jennifer Taylor is excited to be part of the team at PANDA Neurology and Atlanta Headache Specialists as Practice Administrator. She has over 15 years of medical office management experience with a background in both Pediatrics and Neurology. Jennifer holds a bachelors degree in Human Development and Social Relations from Earlham College as well as a dual Masters degree in Business Administration and Health Administration from Georgia State University. Jennifer grew up in Atlanta and now lives in the area with her husband and son.

Giovana Gonzales

Giovana Gonzales (GiGi) has worked in the field of adult and pediatric neurology over 15 years. She attended Berdan Medical Institute in New Jersey and received her Medical Assistant certificate in 1998. She has expertise in headache, epilepsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders. Her personal goal at PANDA Neurology and Atlanta Headache Specialists is to excel at patient care and customer service. Giovana lives in the Atlanta area with her husband and daughter.

Dawn Farrell, LPN

Dawn Farrell has worked as an LPN since 1998. She holds a nursing degree from Spencerian College in Louisville, Kentucky. Dawn has over 12 years of experience working in pediatric subspecialty areas including Pediatric Gastroenterology and Pediatric Neurology. She also has additional years of experience in family internal medicine, adult psychiatry and research. Dawn lives in the Atlanta area with her “children”, a dog and cat.